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Mobile learning in a different way

Music learning in preschool with mobile devices

What is Pulso?

This is the home page of the PULSO research group. We are a multidisciplinary team with researchers from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oviedo (Spain). PULSO is part of the Spanish Multi-disciplinary Thematic Network on Reusable Learning Objects and Learning Designs (REDAOPA).

Pulso is form by a highly-competitive team of professors and students committed to contributing to the knowledge in the field through research and education. Our members are involved in developing and disseminating a number of research projects which are being undertaken at the University of Oviedo, and in collaboration with other research groups.

Our group was created with the mission of providing innovative teaching and learning experiences and quality research in learning technologies. Pulso promote research in areas such as adaptation in e-learning systems, interactive audiovisual learning, mobile learning and social learning.

Pulsar + Strength & Determination = PULSO

Pulso is not only an acronym to describe our research interests. The name of our group stands for a number of qualities associated with the character of our team.

The first of these concepts is Pulsar. Pulsars are compact, magnetic and vibrant. We believe these characteristics genuinely reflect the character of our team and our ability to create an enthusiastic and energetic work atmosphere.

At the same time, the word pulso in Spanish has the meaning of challenge. Our research work requires motivation and passion to overcome obstacles and resolve the issues that may stand in the path. The strength of our group lies in its team spirit and determination to succeed.


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Think + Ideas

PULSO explores the use of software technologies to create innovative learning scenarios.


Our faculty members supervise and conduct courses and academic activities.